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Salad Dressing

One of the big rules in my house is that we do not buy salad dressing. Never ever. That store bought stuff has so much crap. Make your own.

The base of a good salad dressing is oil, acid, and salt--it is so easy to throw together!

Step 1: Get a cute jar.

Step 2: Pour things in it your cute jar. Obviously, extra virgin olive oil is the first thing that happens. Pour in equal amounts of oil and then your acid of choice e.g. vinegar or lemon juice.

Next, a good pinch of salt.

Then, the flavor comes from things like herbs, crushed garlic, chopped shallots, mustard, and even something sweet like honey or maple syrup.

Step 3: Shake it all up and pour it down.

A few tips to a non-yucky salad:

1) Your lettuce must be totally dry. Do not ever dress wet lettuce. Gross.

2) Toss the salad with your (clean!) fingers to get the dressing into every little nook and cranny.

My favorite dressings are...

Balsamic Mustard

Olive oil

Good balsamic vinegar

Pinch of salt

Crushed garlic

Mix of fresh and dried herbs a la Herbs du Provence e.g. thyme, oregano, rosemary

Big dallop of Grey Poupon (try to say that without giggling)

Few drops of maple syrup -- better be pure Vermont maple syrup!!!!


Olive oil

Mix of red wine vinegar and white wine vinegar (or just red if that's all you have)

Pinch of salt

Crushed garlic

Chopped fresh or dried oregano--tons of it!!!!

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