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Health Coaching

Get the support, accountability, and inspiration to reach your health and athletic goals. 


Nutrition Coaching

Learn how to fuel your active lifestyle through customized nutrition support. 



Create an at-home fitness training program that fits your lifestyle, goals, and equipment. 


"I had the pleasure of training with Brooke of Brooke Rose Fitness! The beauty of her training is that she not only designs a program to help strengthen you physically but also to help shift your lifestyle in general. Before training with Brooke, I suffered a great loss in my family causing my eating habits to be unhealthy and stopped caring about my personal health and fitness as a whole! Brooke's motivation completely turned that around as her enthusiasm and support pushed me every morning to not only get up and exercise, but to be more cautious about what I put in my mouth and to always remember "to take the stairs!" During every training session, she brought words of wisdom to encourage me personally and designed a plan that pushed me to limits I didn't even think I could achieve! If you are looking for just a personal trainer to just train you physically you won't find that here, BUT if you're looking for someone to motivate you to make healthy lifestyle choices, physically push you to your greatest potential, support you through the good days and bad, educate you with healthy food recipes and healthy choices, and someone who will take time outside of the workout to prepare a program designed solely for YOU, then training with Brooke Rose Fitness is exactly what your looking for!"

- Jonalis

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