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Tzatziki Sauce

​If you've never had this Greek yogurt sauce called Tzatziki, it is magical. You can eat it as a snack, as a dip for veggies, in a pita with chicken, or honestly just on its own because it's that delish. If there is only one spoonful left, I will fight you for it. Also, HEY, it's healthy! Most famously, I use this as the base for my chicken salad instead of mayo.

You will need a big bowl / container to mix, a spoon, and a grater. Grab your favorite Greek style yogurt. I love either 2% or 5% Fage and usually use a whole 17.6 oz container. Put yogurt into the bowl.

Now, get a cucumber and peel it. Depending on how much yogurt you use and how much you like cucumber, grate either the whole thing or half of the cucumber onto the counter. It will be really watery so squeeze cucumber pieces in your hand to wring the water out into the sink. Throw slightly less wet cucumber into the yogurt. (Fancier people might use a cheese cloth but who has time for that?)

Next add, the following: crushed or finely chopped garlic (about 1-3 cloves depending on your fear of vampires), a generous pinch or three of salt, a tablespoon or two of white wine vinegar, and a huge handful of chopped dill (or dried--I've used dried dill before and it was acceptable). Stir it all up. You will need to taste frequently. Just a pinch too much/too little or one extra garlic clove could be the difference between a total bomb and a brilliant dish. The salt, garlic, and tang of the acid should be in perfect harmony. Adjust as necessary.

The best part is that you drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on top. Ok maybe not "drizzle." How about pour some olive oil on top? Or dump...fat makes everything taste better anyway.

If you want to learn this recipe from a good looking Greek man, check this out!

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