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Aguadito de Pollo

I had Peruvian food for the first time recently, and it was love at first sight for this soup. Go buy a ton of cilantro and get ready to be totally blown away by this easy and yummy soup!

Season and sear some chicken thighs or breasts in a pan. Move the chicken to a plate and then throw a bunch of chopped onion into the same pan and saute until golden.

In a blender, blend two big bunches of cilantro leaves, aji amarillo (this is the only bummer--you have to buy it at a specialty store or make it), a big splash of water, and the onions.

Combine the cilantro mixture with the following ingredients in a big soup pot: chicken broth, diced potatoes (about 2 potatoes), handful of green peas, handful of diced carrots, handful of rice, handful of chopped bell pepper, handful of corn kernels, and the chicken.

Simmer until rice and potatoes are soft. This is a meal in itself!

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