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Tomato Soup with Dill

This recipe comes directly from my Momma. I never knew tomato soup could be so easy and delish! You will need a baking pan, soup pot, and immersion blender or just regular blender.

Get a bunch of tomatoes (for some reason, I always use roma tomatoes for this). Cut in half and spread out along a baking sheet lined in tin foil. Also throw in a few big handfuls of sliced onions. Cover the tomatoes with a good olive oil, tons of fresh dill, salt, and pepper. In my version, I also throw about 5 really big pieces of garlic on the baking sheet, still in the peels.

Bake the sheet at 400 degrees until the tomatoes start to get a little burnt.

Throw the tomatoes, onions, and dill into the soup pot with chicken broth (enough so the tomatoes float freely but not too much if you want a thicker soup). Squeeze the roasted garlic out of the peels and into the soup.

For some protein and fiber, add a big handful of lentils at this point.

Heat everything on medium-low for a while, until it starts to smell really fragrant and yummy.

Eventually, use the immersion blender to smooth everything out (be careful with hot liquid!).

You could eat just as is or serve with a little plop of sour cream or cheese on top. Another fun option would be hot sauce.

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