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Italian-ish Braised Chicken

We all need that one dish that can look fancy enough for a dinner party, but also serves as an easy weeknight go-to. How about one cast iron pan, some chicken, veggies, and white wine?

I completely stole this recipe from one of my favorite blogs, but I used chicken thighs and served over risotto:

Basically, you get the chicken crispy in the pan and set aside. In the leftover chicken fat/juices (yum, right?) saute onions and mushrooms. When translucent, add garlic, herbs (like oregano), and cut cherry tomatoes. After a couple more minutes, add wine and a little lemon juice and chicken broth. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Add the chicken back into the pan, bring the heat down, and simmer until the chicken is done. At the point, you could add some spinach and serve over rice, risotto, polenta, or any other grain.

Or--you could take a different path and make this more of an Arroz con Pollo dish by adding more chicken broth and about a half cup of dried rice.

Own this dish in your own way! Fresh herbs and the right combo of wine, garlic, lemon, and salt will really make the flavor pop.

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