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Egg Salad

Egg salad is super overrated. The best part is that it makes hard-boiled eggs delicious and is really versatile. You can eat egg salad by the spoonful, on a sandwich with lettuce and sliced tomato, scooped over a salad, etc.

Start with a bunch of hard-boiled eggs. Apparently, the magic number of minutes for a perfectly hard-boiled egg is 14 minutes. Run cold water over the eggs to keep the yolks from getting that weird brown/grey color.

Chop a few crunchy things such as celery and red onion and throw into a big bowl. Add pepper, salt, and your choice of fat. The fat could be mayo, Greek yogurt, or maybe yogurt with some smashed avocado--yum!

Add the eggs and mush with a fork until you get to your desired texture.

Easy and yummy!

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