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Turkey Burgers

Turkey burgers are my workday lunch go-to. You can do pretty much the same recipe with ground chicken too. Use ground breast meat if you prefer, I'll use them all interchangeably

Chop a medium onion and throw into a big bowl with some of the following items, depending on your preference: chopped fresh parsley, salt and pepper, yellow mustard, soy sauce, scallions, Worcestershire sauce...oh yea, and a 16 oz pack of ground turkey or turkey breast or even ground chicken.

Mush all together and make four patties (if you wet your hands first, the stuff doesn't stick as much). Cook patties in a pan with light oil cover until crispy on outside and cooked but juicy on inside.

SUPER easy, yummy, and a great protein-rich lunch. I usually bring these to work in a Tupperware with green peas and roasted sweet potatoes

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